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two overlaping circles. Creating a new color where overlaping.

Facts tell. Stories sell. Why not use both?

Startbase wanted a solution that communicated the essence of their yearly report in a quick and pleasing way. Their goal was simple: Reach more people faster. Even if this meant losing some detail on the way. Additionally they were keen to attract some more eyeballs at the 2021 Expoin Dubai where they planned to get international investors interested in their services.

So basically the problem we were asked to solve was: How to turn the rather dry data into a "juicy" animation? Our tool of choice for this problem: Storyline. Which we believe to be the backbone of every interesting video ever.

Adressing a problem or asking a question often serves as a good starting point for a storyline. In this particular case the services of my client were directly linked to the area of Baden-Württemberg and thus we found our starting point - A special place. So the question is: What makes this place so special?

Due to the busy Expo-environment this video needed to work without any audio. That meant - no voiceover. So we chose to tell the story with the help of some good old type. The data-visualisations are connected to the story by the use of the clients' colors and the beauty of simple geometric shapes. Finally, dynamic use of mevement aka 'animation' ties it all together and guides the eye in a pleasing way along the journey.

I am very happy with the result. Despite the factual subject matter, the film tells a real story and picks you up and captivates you for the time you watch it.

Sinah Kesenheimer - Stuttgart Financial

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