a smiling character with a hat growing big and small in dynamic ways
A portrait of Marc Böttler smiling friendly into the camera.
A black and white portrait of Gerd Böttler looking very friendly and positive

Motionfruit is the independent animation studio of Marc & Gerd Böttler.

With a focus on 2D animation and illustration we write, design and produce animated stories, cartoons, commercials and explainers for agencies, companies, elephants and organisations.

We are the renegades of fun. We think the web doesn't need more boring and humourless explainer videos - It’s time to show your audience some respect and compassion!

Maurice Noble once wisely said:

“The real art of animation is filled with ideas and beauty and is a never ending joy.”

So let’s bring the joy back to your communication!

Are you looking for...

  • animation support
  • an outstanding explainer video
  • help with sharing your vision
  • Illustration
  • sounddesign
  • fearless creative craftsmanship
  • writing for animation
  • original music composition
  • art direction for motiondesign
  • animated typography
  • cartoon consulting
  • somebody to collaborate

Well, look no further - Let's talk!

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